Rolling Rock Game Farm




I got my toppy blood line from Dr. John Kozura 12 years ago and I have did great with them both pure and crossed,these toppy fowl are very strong and dead game with speed and cut.They come yellow leg and pea comb with big top knots and most have long legs and big bodies .I show a lot of my toppy and they are tough fowl that will throw feet from any angle and cut you to peices in one buckel or win on the last peck in the drag,they are hard to out rooster,they never let up and are very aggresive.This bloodline has won major shows all over the world,if you like toppy fowl these are in a class by themself they are one of the most accurate cutting fowl on earth..........they win fast...if you do your part with this bloodline they will win shows for you anywhere in any thing you try them in.I got this cock direct from DR. K to breed into my toppys to freshing them up-he is being replaced by his son in the brood pen and I am going to sell him and the hen for half of what I gave for them this is a grat cock he is a 4 time winner and still has the DR. K wing band......if you want a good proven brood cock this would make a good one he is a big cock and produces big stags.....he won to gaff shows in less then 3 pittings and 2 long knife shows in the fly with out being touched I only have this pair and a young pair out of them to let go this season

I have had my spangle hatch fowl for over 12 years and they just get better every season,they are Dee Cox bloodline.I show a bunch of these,they do it all and are good for any shows,this cock is a 3 time winner in the gaff he won 2 times in the fly and the last in 2 pittings,these hatch are strong and fast with good bottom and station,these cocks weigh from 5-5 to 6 pound and up they will shuffel non stop and cut as good as the kelso-this bloodline is perfect for begginers anyone can win with these,they are very destructive -they are great fowl to cross and will add gameness and heart to anything- I had 6 of these pure spangled hatch cocks last season and won back to back 5 cock derbys with them-this cock won the trophy for BEST ROOSTER SHOWN 2times.I have one pair of these ,this cock and a pure hen and that will be the last of these I sell this season.This bloodline will help any brood program and they win every where they are shown in both gaff and long knife,who ever gets this pair will have some great brood fowl he is already an ace

I have this family of Black Mcreas they are great gaff or knife fowl,the cocks come black,brownred and have black eyes.I got my orginal mcrea blood line from Bobby Patton of TN. I have not added any outside blood to them and they have gotten better every year these black fowl have long legs and tails,they can break to the lights or set down and shuffel they are very smart birds that addjust their style when they need to,they win fast,they cut with great accuracy and speed this brood cock is a 2time  winner in te gaff he has never been past 2nd pitting,they are ood early matureing fowl and will cross on anything and produce winners,they throw a lot of feet and make it count when they hit-they will shuffel from any angel going up and down,the Mcreas are so fast and smart they are perfect fowl for any style you show  this cock and 2 pure hens are forsale he will be a great brood cock or he can be shown again

I have my Bone Crusher Hatch fowl that I got direct from Larry Romero of Green Jean Farms,they are one of the fastest and high flying hatch you will ever see,they are good for any show.The hatch will break to the lights and throw feet up and down,they cut and are strong these are hard to stop and keep pushing,they do not give their opponet a chance to start-when they hit they make it count they are real aggresive and have unreal ablity-good solid cocks that are bred to win they hit-hit-hit and that is their best trait,I show these pure but they cross good on anything.  I showed 21 of these pure last season won 44  times with them lost 5 and 2 draws.....and that is in tough shows...these hatch win everywhere they go.........they will win for you,if you do not know what kinda fowl to raise these will help any breeding program

I got my gray bloodline direct from the late Bob Bennett of TN. in the early 90's and I have never added any outside blood to them.These grays are good solid fowl with lots of heart and power,they come 100% green leg and straight comb,they are just good honest cocks that hit hard and can take a ton of heel they will add gameness and power to anything you cross them with but do good pure.I raise them pure for the SK and Gaff and they cross well on any family.I can not say enough about my grays they come out fast with legs in front and heads back,shuffel non stop-the longer they go the harder they fight,they are drag pit kings.The Bennett Gray bloodline is famous world wide and mine are as good or better then they was the day I bought them-most of my cocks are out of a 7 time winner or a 5 time winner,these cocks will just find a way to win either first pitting or hours in the drag they get it done.I have some real good brood stuff in this gray bloodline and a bunch of big hens that are pure and produce 6pound stags